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The only Redeemer is the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, in whom God became man and bore the penalty for sin himself.  Jesus Christ is our living Savior, our risen Lord, our Great High Priest, and our loving friend.  He is fully man, fully God, and altogether worthy

of our worship!


The gospel is the story of God's sovereign plan from eternity past to redeem a sinful people to Himself through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only by faith in Jesus Christ and in his substitutionary atoning death on the cross can we find salvation. Our only hope in life and death is that we are not our own but belong, body and soul, both in life and death, to God and to our Savior Jesus Christ.


We exist to display the Glory of God by Being and Making Disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this by living out the gospel in four primary ways: through authentic worship, devoted community, strategic equipping,

and bold witness.


In 2013, a few believers began to meet together to pray, study the Bible, and for Christian fellowship. As this small gathering grew it began to meet on Saturday evenings at the Roseland Golf and Curling Club. Soon thereafter the gathering grew large enough that the rented meeting room they occupied could not fit those God was bringing, and a larger banquet / meeting room across the hall was needed.

God steadily brought more and more people so that on January 18, 2014, these believers decided to take the first steps in becoming a new church in Windsor-Essex. By God's grace, this simple gathering of believers became The Gathering Church Windsor.

The Gathering first met at Roseland Golf Course from October 2013 and worshiped there until January 2015, when they leased and renovated a warehouse on Provincial Road. By God's grace, the church was given the opportunity to purchase the building now occupied - a 12,000 square feet, 6.2 acre, former Knights of Columbus building. The first worship service took place in October 2017.  ​

You are welcome to join us!  We gather to worship every Sunday morning at 10:00.

We meet at 2401 Columbus Avenue, Windsor 

Our Logo

Welcome to a new era at The Gathering!

We're extremely excited to unveil our new logo! Embedded in this logo, you'll find our letters: TGC [The Gathering Church], as well as an abstract bridge [representing Windsor/Essex] /cross hidden in the "T" in the logo.



We are part of the SEND Network church planting initiative of the Southern Baptist Convention in the U.S., and the Canadian National Baptist Convention here at home.  Click below to learn more about the SEND Network.

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We are affiliated with the Canadian National Baptist Convention.  Click

below to learn more about the CNBC.


We partner with the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. Click below

to learn more about the SBC.


We are partners with The Gospel Coalition. 

Click below to learn more about TGC.

We are partners with 9Marks. Click below to learn more about them.

You take care of the depth of your ministry, and let God take care of the breadth of it. 

John MacArthur

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