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‘PRIME TIME’ at The Gathering!

Seniors 55 and Up

Our Mission Statement 


We exist to provide biblical encouragement for older adults 55 years and up, with their unique needs and potential.  Our goal is to minister to the complete person – physically, emotionally, socially and of course spiritually, through meaningful and varied events and activities.  


Our Activities and Events 


    1. E-Prayer  

Pray personally for others in our peer group.  Prayer updates are emailed as received and we pray on our own at home. 


    2. Dining at the Diner 

Come together monthly for lunch and fellowship at the Essex Michigan Diner (third Wednesday of each month, except for July & August). 


    3. Mission Trip to SWO Gleaners in Leamington 

Actively participate in missions at SWO Gleaners in Leamington as we help prepare surplus vegetables for drying, packaging, and shipping as nutritious soup mix to hungry people around the world (fourth Friday of each month, except for July & August). 


    4. Other Events and Outings 

From time to time we enjoy throwing “extras” into the mix—movie matinees, games nights, a crokinole tournament with our Gathering Youth, outings, special get the idea! 

***Please note that all dates are subject to change.***


(Mark these dates on your calendar!)


Sat January 7, 2-5 pm, Table Games @ 2401 Columbus. Bring your favourite game!


Wed January 11, 1 pm Dining at the Diner in Essex (& after-Christmas-sales shopping in Essex!)


Fri January 27, 9 am to noon, @ SWO Gleaners in Leamington



Also coming up:


Tue February 7, 6:30 pm, Youth Group Crokinole Challenge @ 2401 Columbus




For more information, contact Ron & Beth Reynolds – phone 519-990-7181 or email Beth at 

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