Use of Information and Image


The Gathering would like to share what God is doing in our church with the broader community.


One way to share this exciting information is through the creation and use of photos, video recordings, or perhaps even interviews with our church members.


However, if the people we want to highlight are minors, then we need the permission of parents / guardians beforehand.


So, the purpose of the Use of Information and Image document is to establish guidelines with respect to the use of informaiton and images that may be used, and to gain permission from parents to use the information and images carefully to enhance our ministry as a gospel-centered local church in Windsor-Essex.


In this day and age we can't be too careful.  To protect your family and our staff and volunteers we are asking for your permission to use information, images, and for our staff and volunteers to have permission to email the students in your family with news and information that pertains to them, as well as permission for them to communicate with the church and children/youth ministry leaders via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if they use these apps.


Parents, we are asking you to read the document and if you can, please complete it, print it, and then bring it to the church, or email it to our church office through Pastor Garth at  Thank you.