Need someone to pray for you?


Need a visit in your home or hospital room?


Do you know someone at The Gathering who could use a little extra encouragement or support?


Would a few days of meals delivered to your home help in a time of crisis or after surgery or the birth of a child?


Let us know!  We are here to help!

Care & Compassion Ministry


The Gathering is a gospel-centered church in Windsor, Ontario.  We believe God has called us to care for one another, freely and openly expressing the compassion of Jesus in practical ways. 


Our church body is cared for primarily by one another, through small groups and a care team made up of volunteers. They offer support through visits, phone calls, prayer, and practical help.  They are available to walk alongside anyone who is in need of some extra encouragement and support. 


In the future, as we grow, we may be able to extend this ministry to have a greater impact in the neighbourhoods and the city in which we live. 


If you would like to become involved or know of someone who might benefit from Care and Compassion ministries, please send a message (below) to our Care Team.

Members of our team:  

Mandy Dessureault              Mary Faubert                 

Jeff & Lisa Gaspar                Bill Robert                                            

Mariette Prinsloo                Bev Rowe 

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