The Gathering Amherstburg

Why Church Plant?

Church planting reaches lost people.  Lost people need Jesus!   Most of the churches recorded in the New Testament were involved in sending people in some form or another to start other churches.  For any movement to thrive, it has to plant churches.  Church planting benefits the planting church, studies show that churches that were planting churches were healthier than those that did not.  If we're going to reach North America for the gospel, its going to take thousands upon thousands of more churches.  North America is huge, geographically, but even more than that, it's incredibly diverse culturally.  The same is true for Windsor-Essex.  We are a multi-cultural region of Canada. 

Why Amherstburg?
  • Nearly 23,000 residents live in the town and there is room for another gospel-centered church in the area

  • 680 of the families have been identified as lone-parent families with young children who all need the gospel

  • Highly multicultural – top 3 languages: English, French, Italian

  • Mostly blue-collar which fits the demographic of The Gathering

  • The Gathering has a highly motivated and trained core team of leaders who are currently living and ministering in the town and we will work with them until a Planter/Pastor has been identified

  • Partnerships, community penetration, serve projects and bible studies have already begun and momentum is building in the town

Our Vision and Ministry Strategy 

The Gathering Church Network exists to bring glory to God through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our Strategy is to encourage life change:

Love - Matthew 22:37-40

We will encourage people to love God, love each other, and love the lost, the lonely, and the least.

Grow - Ephesians 4:15

We will encourage believers to grow in spiritual and emotional maturity and become fully devoted, mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

Serve - 1 Peter 4:10

We will encourage those within reach of The Gathering Amherstburg to serve the local church, the community, and the world.

Multiply - Matthew 28:18-20

We will encourage the followers of Jesus to help us multiply disciples, multiply disciplemakers, multiply small groups on mission, and multiply churches locally and globally.


Our Mission

To create a sustainable, flourishing community-based ministry to the neighbourhood exhibiting the same DNA, core values and beliefs as The Gathering Windsor.

Partner with us!


Pray - Monthly praise & prayer reports available

Participate - Send a missions team to work with us

Provide - Supply much-needed financial support

Contact for more information 

What is the potential in this Community for ministry?
  • Established Partnerships with community organizations serving needs in town to offer programs that enhance and develop families; GriefShare, parenting conference, marriage conference, support of our families with special needs

  • Expansion of the current active small groups already meeting in the area

  • Hosting neighbourhood fellowships and community interaction to reach the lost of our community

  • Appreciation of the First Responders in the County (Amherstburg, Essex, Harrow, Kingsville)

  • Assisting Amherstburg Community Services with the move to their new facility in 2020 

  • Offer Grief Share program in Jan 2020

  • Ongoing and strategic prayer covering for neighbourhoods in Town and surrounding area is underway

  • Partnership forming with Municipal officials (Mayor and Councilors) and Municipal staff to identify and address the most urgent community needs

  • Building partnerships with our partner churches in CNBC, SBC and SEND Network

How can mission teams help? 

Mission teams and partners could be utilized to assist in many ways as we penetrate the new neighbourhoods:

  • Provide a week-long Kids Arts and Sports Camp (SURGE)

  • Provide an afternoon free park event for families at a local park (May 18 at Toddy Jones Park)

  • Canvassing and prayer walks in strategic areas of town

  • Provide financial resources and shop for and deliver school supplies to needy families before the start of the new school year

  • Assist with a community pasta dinner designed to create interest and cast vision for the new church plant in Amherstburg