Every week the Worship Center and the additional seating in The Gathering Place are nearly full, and we are so grateful to God for this blessing.  We thank our Father in heaven for the privilege of meeting together for worship!  Every week 90% of the seats in our building are reserved by Monday at 4 pm.  Gathering families miss out because they can’t reserve seats fast enough, and we’d like to make more seats available so more people can come to church if they want to.

Sunday seating will become even more complicated on January 10 when we restart the Kids Gathering.  We may need the Gathering Place for kids ministry, and if that happens then we lose nearly 40 alternate seats for the Sunday service.  

To address the need for more interaction and fellowship, to provide more seating for more people, and to respond to the phenomenal opportunity the Lord is giving us here, the elders propose adding another service to our weekly lineup just for the duration of the Covid pandemic.  The Gathering was birthed out of a Saturday night Bible study six years ago and many of us remember those early days.  Saturday night services are part of the church-planting journey here at The Gathering, and so the elders believe that the best option overall is to add the second service on Saturday night at 6 PM.

The service content would be very close to Sunday morning, but the worship time will likely be more relaxed and acoustic.  However, we have no plans at the moment for kids ministry on Saturday night.

Our church family has always been so understanding and accommodating, and we appreciate that so much.  Thank you.  In order for this additional service to be successful and truly make more seats available for more people, we think we need 40 people to attend on Saturday night. If we have 40 people or more who are willing to cometo Saturday at 6 PM, we can do it, and it may even grow our church in the process! Once the restrictions are lifted, Lord willing, we can return to one big happy family on Sunday morning at 10 AM.

Our plan is to develop a small, dependable, mission-minded team to serve each week – to help as ushers, greeters, sanitizers, sound technicians, and so on. We will draw from those who commit to Saturday night so we don’t drain the pool of workers for Sunday morning.  And we’re not expecting people to attend both Saturday night and Sunday morning.  That defeats the purpose!   There may be some overlap on occasion also - people who normally attend on Sunday who want to come on Saturday, and vice-versa. We realize that Kingdom expansion and gospel ministry is not always easy or comfortable…but our church family is used to that, and we know it's worth it!

Thank you so much for your understanding, your patience, your vision for our church, and your prayers! 

Your council of elders, 

Garth Leno, Ron Reynolds, Phil Siebenmorgen