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Partnership at The Gathering

We are glad that you are exploring partnership (membership) in The Gathering! 

In September 2016 we did a teaching series called "Church Partnership," a four-part sermon series taught by our pastors.  Now we are asking everyone who desires to be a Partner to

(1) either listen to the four messages, or read them, 

(2) read the articles on this site,

(3) watch the videos, and then

(4) attend a Partnership Seminar .  


If you were here, in person, and heard the four sermons on Partnership, then please indicate that in the "message box" in each of the forms below.  There is no requirement for you to listen to the sermons again.  After you listen to each of the four sermons online, please send a note to indicate your progress.  Fill out the form and press "send" in the lower right corner of each response form.

If you wish to read the sermons instead of listening to them, just click the words (printed sermon), read it, and then report your reading using the contact form below. 

To access the messages online, please click on the underlined word(s) below.

1. PARTNERSHIP: I will be a functioning partner
(AudioPrinted Sermon)
2. PARTNERSHIP: I will be a unifying partner
(AudioPrinted Sermon)
3. PARTNERSHIP: I will be a humble partner
(AudioPrinted Sermon)
4. PARTNERSHIP: I will be a thankful partner
(AudioPrinted Sermon)

PARTNERSHIP: I will be a functioning, unifying, humble, and thankful partner

Thanks for submitting!

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