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Partnership at The Gathering is church membership.

You can discover more about partnership right here! If you are considering partnership with us, you are urged to take these four steps:

(1) listen to the 4 messages in the sermon series "Church Partnership," or read the sermons online (reading will save you time!),

(2) read the short articles on each page under the "Partnership" tab,

(3) watch the videos, and then

(4) attend a partnership seminar.  

We are glad that you are exploring partnership (membership) in The Gathering! These online articles will help you learn more about The Gathering and partnership with us.  If you are pursuing Partnership, please read the documents, watch the videos, and then fill out the online form at the bottom of this page. When you click "send" it will be delivered to our church office, and we'll be able to keep track of your progress! Thank you!

The goal of the sermon podcasts, online assignments, and the seminar is to inform potential partners what we believe doctrinally and how we work as a church. Basic Christian doctrine will be discussed along with strategy and stewardship.

The seminar content looks like this:

Session 1: The Basics

Salvation, Baptism, Communion

Session 2: Our Statements

Our Statement of Faith

Our Purpose Statement

Our Strategy for Encouraging Life Change

Our Perspective on Giving

Session 3: Our Structure


Session 4: Our Partnership Commitment


If you wish to pursue partnership, then please read the following before coming to the seminar, and indicate that you have read them by completing the form located at the bottom of each section you read. Thank you!


The Basics

Our Statements

Our Structure

Our Partnership Commitment

The dates for our next Partnership Seminar: November 27

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