Missions at The Gathering


We were created to impact all nations for the glory of Christ. The testimony of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation is that we were created to enjoy God’s grace in relationship to Him, so that we may extend His glory to the ends of the earth. Matthew 28:19 commands and commissions us to “go and make disciples of all nations…”


Our goal is to be a faith family of world-impacting disciples who are partnering with our brothers and sisters here and around the world to produce ever-multiplying churches all around our city, this country, and to the ends of the earth. We do this in several ways; working together as a church family to impact our community of Windsor/Essex in tangible ways as well as partnering with organizations who bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all corners of the world through loving and caring for the most vulnerable and at risk people. 

Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

We are looking forward to sending out a short team mission team to the Dominican Republic, March 23 – 30, 2019.  We will be involved in several practical ministry projects with our church planting partner, Mission Twenty-Five35


For more details, click HERE.  For an application form click HERE.


Deadline for application is December 31, 2018.  Contact Ron Reynolds for more information (reynolds3525@gmail.com).

Jordan Legg













The Gathering is thrilled to be partnering with our dear brother, Jordan Legg as he serves with Teach Beyond in South East Asia.  Jordan will be teaching English at a local school and will be helping to run multiple other extra-curricular activities.  Please keep Jordan in your prayers as he serves overseas until June.  Feel free to learn more about Teach Beyond from their website:



Hey Gathering Family!


So I’ve been almost a month and a half in Southeast Asia. It’s been a great, if challenging, experience so far. There’s been a lot of adjusting for me to do on the cultural level (and the traffic here is crazy!) but I’m excited to be a part of all the things God is doing here at the school I am serving. As of right now I’ve taken on four different classes, (three English classes and a Moral Education class), and I have a really great rapport with all of my students. It’s probably my favourite thing about this ministry; the kids really seem to have and want strong connections with their teachers, far more than I remember ever wanting with mine when I was their age. I recently spoke with two other teachers who have been here for over a decade—they said that sometimes parents are actually asking teachers for advice about how to raise their kids! All this means I’ve already had a lot of really great open doors to connect to the kids as people and share the love of God with them in deed outside the classroom after sharing it in word inside of it.


Prayer requests: pray for the students who are feeling the tension between the religious worldview of their parents and religious leaders and the one represented by our teachers and curriculum, that they would understand, consider, and surrender to the claims and call of Christ.  Pray for more teachers to come and serve here, especially male teachers. Pray that the kids would be more concerned about learning the content of their classes than they care about results and grades, which has led to a lot of academic dishonesty in a lot of classes. And pray for strong, honest relationships between my students and myself, so that they recognize that my work here is about more than a religious project or a numbers game; it’s about introducing them to Person of Jesus, who loved them and gave Himself on their behalf.


If you’d like to know more about my work in Southeast Asia, shoot me an email at jlegg@rogers.com, and I’ll send you out a password-protected video update on a semi-regular basis.