Mission Team Partners

Summer 2018


West Ridge Church 

Dallas, Georgia 

Pastor Brad Chandler & Pastor Brian Bloye

June 11 

Ministry team of young adults 


Union Valley Baptist Church

Beebe, Arkansas

Pastor Tommy Miller

July 6-12

Ministry team of men and women


First Baptist Church

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Pastor John David Thompson

July 23-27

SURGE Camp team


College Acres Church

Wilmington, North Carolina

Pastor Robert Keatts

July 31 & Aug 2 - 4

Work team

First Baptist Church

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Mr. John Shedd

late summer early fall 

Work team of men

Work Team Project Possibilities

  • Worship space renovations - remove bulk heads, modify current stage, lighting changes, electrical, remove current servery, repair ceiling, some drywall work, floor repairs and painting, adjust the sound system and build a permanent sound booth

  • re-purpose the storage room beside the kitchen and remove the walk in coolers

  • create an ushers/prayer room in the worship space and move the contents of the janitors closet

  • Repairs/maintenance to the parking lot areas 

  • Exterior grounds work and complete the exterior painting projects

Ministry Team Options


  • Prayer ministry at the Windsor Waterfront - evangelism and outreach opportunity  

  • Canvassing in the neighborhood for our summer SURGE sports and arts camp

  • Free Park Event 

  • Manual labor for the renovations

  • Prayer walks in the neighbourhood

  • Canvass the nearby neighborhood in preparation for a giant outreach event scheduled later that month

  • Assist with SURGE Camp

  • Family Night at The Gathering