Welcome to Community at The Gathering - Welcome to Life Groups!
We Have a Group For You!
*Life Groups have concluded for this season
Life Groups will resume in the fall*

Life Group Distinctions

Life Group involvement is one of our main strategies to instruct, counsel, and mobilize our church. Each Life Group is envisioned to be a place for:

  • Intimate Community to grow in Christ side by side; 

  • Regular and mutual encouragement and care; and

  • A safe place to grow mature disciples

A Life Group at The Gathering is designed to encourage Christians to live the Christian life deeply and in community together. It follows the pattern of practice seen in some of the very first believers (Acts 2:42-47) who worshipped together, lived out what they learned from God’s Word, enjoyed meaningful fellowship, and made prayer a priority.

All of our Life Groups are multigenerational. Men's and Women's groups are gender specific, while the COED groups are designed for mixed gender single adults, and couples. There is a Life Group for everyone!


Who Can Join a Life Group?

What to Expect?

A typical Life Group is made of between 6 and12 people, and will meet each week on various days and locations across the region. A Life Group meets to praise and pray, study the Bible and Biblical topics, and enjoy mutual accountability (men with men, women with women). A typical Life Group meeting may last anywhere from one and a half to two hours in length.



"As isolated individuals, we cannot reach the level  of maturity God has destined for us. It only happens as we live in a loving redemptive community where we celebrate the many facets of the gospel."
                                                                                                     ~ Paul Tripp

Life Group ministry at The Gathering is primarily open to people who attend The Gathering Church. Partnership at The Gathering is not required to attend any of the groups.

To register for a Life Group, just click the link below, complete the online registration, and we will be in contact with you.

Life Groups meeting in homes this ministry year are expected to adhere to their regional guidelines and bylaws on an ongoing basis. Each in-person group may decide how their group

is able to do this. Our expectation in Group Life is this; as our leaders and hosts care for and lead their groups in Christ-like ways they encourage their groups to be making decisions           that follow local guidelines and bylaws.