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"But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also." 2 Corinthians 8:7 ESV​

Our goal is to ensure that adequate internal controls are in place to safeguard the church's financial resources, protect the reputation of The Gathering, be transparent in the financial data presented and uphold the charitable status of our organization.


We also maintain strict confidentiality about our donors and we will not sell or make available this information without prior permission of the donors, except where disclosure is required by law.


Operating Budget

Each year, an annual budget will be presented to the church body for review, analysis, and clarifying questions. The operating budget is fundamental to our accountability, transparency and integrity. 


Financial Statements

We take stewardship seriously. Each year, an independent accounting firm will perform a review of our financial statements in accordance with Canadian generally accepted standards for review engagements. Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.




General Fund:

The General Fund of The Gathering covers all general expenses related to personnel, ministry, equipment, worship events, etc.  This is the “bread and butter” fund in our church which requires faithful, regular, sustained giving in order for our church to function properly.  Unless you specify that you want part of your offering to go to a designated fund (described below), it will be placed in the General Fund.


Designated Funds:


Benevolence Fund: 
We want to be a church that cares for its own people.  From time to time there are special needs that arise within the body that require some financial assistance.  The benevolence fund at The Gathering helps us do this with dignity, discretion and confidentiality. We receive a benevolence offering at most of our communion services. This offering will typically take place after communion is observed, and you are welcome to add “benevolence” to your offering envelope designation if you wish.  What we can do together, on a monthly basis, none of us could do all at once.


Growth Investment Fund:
This terminology is a playful twist on the banking industry’s language, and this designated fund will be used to invest in and grow our local church. The GIF will be used for lease payments, improvements to our space, the purchase of equipment, and eventually, Lord willing, the purchase of a new church building or property on which to build. Gifts to the GIF should be clearly marked on your envelope with the words “Growth Investment Fund,” or simply “Growth,” and we’ll make sure it goes to the right place!  


Local Church Planting
We want to be a church-planting church!  We want to have a part in planting churches in Windsor-Essex and we are building a reserve fund from which we can draw funds as needed for local church planting efforts.

North American Missions (Easter Offering)    
In cooperation with two of our partners, The Canadian National Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention, we take a special Easter Offering for North American Missions and the funds are forwarded to our partners for church planting and other ministries in North America. In our startup phase, The Gathering was a beneficiary of some of these funds from the North American Mission Board. Although we take the offering at Easter, donors are welcome to contribute to this fund at any time.


International Missions (Christmas Offering)    
We also receive a Christmas Offering in the month of December that enhances the efforts of the International Mission Board in reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ in other parts of the world. Although we take the offering in December, donors are welcome to contribute to this fund at any time.


Mission Teams
Missions teams sent from The Gathering to assist organizations or missionaries will be self-funded. Therefore, the “mission teams” fund will be used for administrative purposes for short-term mission team ministry.    


Cooperative Giving
Cooperative Giving (CG) is the unified plan of giving through which cooperating churches support various ministries in the Canadian National Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.  CG is then used for such things as national communications, regional conferences, CNBC annual convention, new pastors’ orientation, church planting, church strengthening, discipleship ministries, student missionaries, evangelism projects, youth retreats, leadership training, pastoral couples’ retreats, disaster relief ministries, and so on. 


Approved by the Directors 
of The Gathering Windsor Incorporated - January 22, 2016